Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Heroes Dish?

Are we watching and are we satisfied with the current turn of things? Or are we feeling overwhelmed by the need to keep track of all these damned details?

How disgusting was it when Mohinder slid out of his gooey cocoon? Sylar's not exactly 100 percent into this redemption thing, is he? I too would like the chance to manipulate him for my own fiendish ends, because I think, with the available skillset he offers, we could attempt some world domination.

And someone said something really funny, but I can't remember what it was. How sad is that?


Toby said...

I'm watching but feel the show has again seemed to lose its way. Nathan captured by a paramilitary force in Haiti...pardon me? Daphne in braces and crutches without her superpower...how after-school-special of them. Claire working out her Daddy issues with floorboards in an Arts & Crafts bungalow...zzzz. Hiro still having the mind of a ten-year old, but really not all that different from how his character normally acts. When you come down to it, Sylar's storyline remains the only thing worth watching at the moment.

I did like the sequence where Matt is trying to use his (now vanished) power and Daphne's dad is like, "Son, why do keep tilting your head like that?"

Also, note how both Mama and Papa Petrelli only seem to know one way of manipulating their children: playing favorites. This would unravel in a second. Sylar: Mom, said I'm her favorite, and dad too. Peter: But Mom told me that I'M her favorite. Nathan: And Dad told me that I was HIS favorite. All three: time to kick some ass (exeunt)

Laura said...

That was the funny thing I couldn't remember: The tilting of the head while working his fierce mind powers! I'm glad they realize how ridiculous that looks.

Also, I got a wee chuckle out of Nathan's high school French among the Haitians: Je suis le Tick!

Heh, it's the oldest trick in the offspring-manipulation book. They're supervillains! Can't they do something more subtle, like Hiro's dad's saying one thing but maybe perhaps expecting something different, or not? Fun mind games. As a separate observation, I also cringe a bit at the earnestness with which Sylar has embraced the Petrelli parents, calling them "dad" and "mom," and wanting to please them and bond with them. Under that psycho exterior beats the heart made of marshmallow.

And completely unrelated to anything, have you noticed how well-groomed his eyebrows are?

Finally, Toby, tell me you've escaped the evil, tentacled grip of 24 at long last. Life is too short.

Toby said...

24 is dead to me.