Tuesday, November 4, 2008

News You Can Use on This Election Day

Via Chicago Public Radio, music critic for the Chicago Tribune remarks that there will, in fact, be no mosh pit at the Obama rally tonight.

I'm so disappointed.


Toby said...

Hey man, if a mosh pit wants to form, there's really nothing that can stop it. I speak from experience.

I voted at 6:15 am this morning and was the 28th voter in my district. I think the poll workers are going to earn their $75 today.

Laura said...

And it looks like no mosh pitting for me, as the friend whose plus one I was going to be never received tickets. Gahhh! Another friend is whispering, Wormtongue-like in my ear to take his other ticket, as his other person fell through.

Yet another friend got his circa midnight and reported that he felt like Charlie Bucket. Which made me laugh.

Toby said...

Did someone tell him to run home, run as fast as he can?

If you haven't already read it .

If you are in an at all weak emotional state, do so alone and with the door closed.

Laura said...

That's awesome.

A coworker of mine was talking about when she lived in Mississippi. The African-American poll workers carried the ballot boxes with such reverence. She was tearing up just telling me about it.