Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This Is What Comes of Moving One's Working Space into the Kitchen and Being too Lazy to Carry a Laptop (The Cords, My God, Unplugging the Cords!)

Heroes, my friends. I've been meaning to talk about Heroes, but as it required a special trip and specific intent, I didn't get around to it. I am enjoying it, even if I'm baffled by the Shakespearean drama of it all.

First of all, why why why must Hiro always be reduced to goofy comic relief? When, if ever, will he get to the badass future we know he can be? He thinks he's ten?? Really? The brain suck took his memory but not his powers? What was the purpose of that?

Not at all buying the Daphne and Matt. There's another game in there being played, right?

Guess we know who the mother of Sylar's future son is, although how is it his shirt got fried off but not his pants? He seizes his powers in future by being Jesus-like and forgiving? It seems a little psychotherapy driven. In addition to which he doesn't take so much as share, as Peter did (but their father doesn't; he just takes). Interesting.

Claire really is dull as a character. I keep thinking of her as a boll weevil; she's got a bold passive defense, but not much else.



Toby said...

I think it is interesting to compare the Dad/Peter/Sylar power transfers. Peter, the nurturing one, starts off with an extremely gentle way of absorbing powers. Both Sylar and Dad's power were more invasive and damaging, and it gave them the added benefit of gaining immediate access to using the powers skillfully, as opposed to Peter's fumbling attempts. Now that Sylar switches to the more compassionate approach, he loses the edge his more deadly version of power absorption gave him and is more like Peter (was). As for the shirt/pants issue and Elle as future wife of Sylar, I had the same exact thoughts as you.
I agree that keeping Hiro as the goofball is extremely grating. He has kickass power, so make him kickass already. Plus, that comic book store in Tokyo? Would never look like that. Uh, ever hear of manga? They have no need to sell substandard US comicbooks.
As for the Matt/Daphne deal, if there isn't something more there, then it's just bad writing.

Laura said...

I like envisioning the emotional trainwreck that would comprise an Elle/Sylar marriage. Sure, she grew up as an instrument of evil in a locked-down facility. Of course her father, whose approval she mightily sought to win, used her as said instrument. No puppies and cuddly Christmases there. And okay, Sylar has mommy issues, the whole need to be important. Oh, then there's their collective body counts.

But I feel like, with a bit of therapy, they can develop the skills to make it work.

I hadn't thought about the power absorption/learning curve. Pretty interesting to ponder. I do think that Sylar's by far the most interesting character just because he has all this damn conflict. Probing around in a few brains is bound to affect a person, you know?

I think the problem with Parkman is that he is uninteresting. Although is ability to create these mind-altered realities may play into the Daphne thing. I hope. But probably not.

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