Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More Signs of the New Political Moment

Conversation with coworker this afternoon, with us discussing how other people in our office seem to think he's Mr. Cool Head in a Crisis.

Him: They seem to see me as this person, who, when presented with a problem, thoughtfully sits back and says "well, this is certainly a wrinkle. Let's think about constructive ways we can solve this."

Me: Right. They see this calm exterior, but really, inside you're freaking out.

Him: Yeah, they don't see that. They seem to have confused me with someone else, with Obama! He's my hero.

Me: Admit it, he's your man crush.

Him: [silence.]

And, friends, it wasn't the silence of disagreement. It's okay, you can admit to it, too.


Toby said...

Why is everyone looking at me? I said Obama is the man, not my man crush.

But who knows. Maybe Obama looks cool in a crisis, but he also is freaking out inside his head.

Laura said...

Hmmm, I sense a bit of defensiveness here, almost as if we've hit on a nerve... ; - )

I admire people who can freak out only inside their heads instead of externally. That would be such a step in the right direction for me. Although in comparison to my coworker, I'll probably live longer without internalizing all the stress.

Toby said...

Oh good, I was going for the "Methinks thou dost protest too much" angle on that one.