Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hamlet Wonders If He Should Continue to Exist. Or Not.

Hamlet (facebook newsfeed edition).


Toby said...

Hamlet, yeah, yeah, facebook.

OK, so I saw the second hour:

1) How twisted is Mama Petrelli? Convincing Sylar he's your son? That is some evil genius right there.

2) Oh Elle, whatever will you do? And again, Mama P., do you really want to send an emotionally unstable ball of electricity into the general population? Seems like she should probably remain locked up on level 5 herself.

3) Mohinder is turning into the fly? As long as he doesn't mug a la Jeff Goldblum, we'll be okay. Oh yeah, and kudos for bagging the hot latina woman. Not like it was a challenge or anything, but mamacita!

4) Peter Petrelli as Jesse, the morose villain. Classic. Too bad he isn't in his own body so he can absorb the powers these guys have. They could come in handy. By the way, the African American is the actor who played Marlo Stanfield the badass up and coming drug kingpin from The Wire. It seems appropriate.

5) Matt in Africa, ho hum.

6) Niki's new power is pretty interesting. Did each split personality have its own abilities?

7) Malcolm McDowell is a force ghost? I'm sorry, I must be confusing my Star Wars and Heroes.

Laura said...

Why do think Sylar's not her son? I kind of believed her.

Yeah, I really expected Elle to get locked up. She seems to be a liability to me.

Mohinder as a bug? I was trying to think if any of the other heroes had actual physiological changes. Don't be a pig vis a vis the useless chick.

Niki's powers were just the split personality plus Jessica's super strength. Lame, in my opinion. Something more afoot here.

Toby said...

I don't know if he's turning into a bug, but the special effects reminded me of that movie. It does seem unlike any other superpower, but then, he also acquired his in a unique way, so who knows what havoc that can wreak? As for Sylar being her son, I guess it is always possible, but I still think she's using her super powers of persuasion on him. As for Niki, there were always more split personalities than just Jessica (the whole incident that led to her husband being killed). I think there are various versions of her in the parallel mirror world that Jessica was in whenever she wasn't in the real world. When Niki died in the warehouse fire, one of the mirror entities took her place. And possibly, each mirror entity has her own unique power. But that's just a guess.