Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This Is My New Favorite Product of All Time

Until your animal is able to self medicate, might I recommend one of these? Pop a pill in a pouch, put it on top of your kibble, and voila, dinner at 6 with pre-dinner meds, whether you're there or not.

We'll see how long it takes her to jimmy the lid. She's MENSA material, this one. She's still trying to figure out how to smack the alarm clock just so in order to make it go off.

Evidence of the lost flu weekend and the couch we never left.


erik said...

your link connects to some sort of automatic pet feeder, but you're text leads me to believe you've discovered the joy of greenies pill pockets for cats. they are truly a work of genius and the only thing that allows me to properly medicate my cat, thus keeping his raging hyperthyroidism in check.

Laura said...

Yes, I love those greenies pouches, love them. 70 percent less stress ("why! why won't you finish your tuna! don't make me chase you with a pill gun"), plus a real time saver. No more surgery-like smooshing and mixing in the wee hours of the morning, when I don't have my glasss on and can't see the eensy pills (they are so very eensy).

Train her to grab these things on an appropriate schedule, and I'm superfluous to this process. Hence where the feeder comes in.

Win win.