Friday, September 26, 2008

To Debate or Not to Debate, That Is the Question

Will there be one? Will McCain swoop in at the last moment after heroically and single-handedly saving the bailout legislation? Or will Obama entertain us alone, perhaps with a bit of Shakespearean monologue? There are so many possibilities, and the only thing that could make it even better would be for Palin to show up in McCain's place and wow us all with some foreign policy chops, perhaps invoking vivid images in all our minds of Vladimir Putin with an exceedingly long, retractable neck, which he uses to thrust his head, Fastastic-Four-like, into space.

My morning random listening, alas, offers no clues about the future shape of events.

1. problems, sex pistols
2. i should have known better, she & him
3. loose [take 2], the stooges
4. tell me what you want, the pipettes
5. something changed, pulp
6. baby baby, the vibrators
7. water ban, pernice brothers
8. love song no. 7, clap your hands say yeah
9. trombone dixie, the beach boys
10. the queen is dead (take me back to dear old blighty), the smiths

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