Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yikes. May I Suggest Note Cards?

I got one minute in. I actually feel sorry for her.


Toby said...

Oh, I forgot to point out what I assume was a bit of a casting joke on Heroes--the cameo of the lead from "Greatest American Hero" as the reporter trying to spring the stripper story on Niki/Jessica. They do like to throw in the occasional inside joke.

Laura said...

Oh, that's where he was! I saw his name in the credits, and I didn't see which character he played.

The fact that we knew that context is very sad, but I blame the popular culture stew we were simmering in as youngsters.

No thoughts on Palin's policy musings?

Toby said...

I'm hoping she's like the attacking advertising mascots from the Simpson's Halloween episode whatever, who became powerless when people stopped paying attention to them.

There are definitely Gen-Xers on a lot of writing staffs throwing in little clues for us. There are a whole bunch in "Chuck". My favorite was a "16 Candles" reference--"C'mon Ma, not when I have my headgear on!" though the Tyrell Corporation messenger bag the same character was carrying around in a different episode comes close.

erik said...

wow, what a total idiot. i don't think she answered a single question. if this is any indication of her performance in the debates, i can't wait.

btw, here's a link to rick davis' response to the NYT story about his involvement with freddie mac:

Laura said...

If this vp debate does happen (and I'm laying bets that it won't), it should be, if nothing else, compelling as performance art.

Toby, you've got to at least enjoy the spectacle, no? Given the trends on her approval ratings, her getting coverage isn't going to do much to help their campaign. Hence the hail-mary attempt to change the subject.

Toby said...

McCain's whole flailing attempt to recover some kind of momentum came off as a major case of seagull management--flew in where he wasn't wanted (or needed), squawked a whole lot and then took a huge dump on whatever progress had been made in the bailout talks. Except when he got the meeting he had requested, he didn't even say anything! C'mon people, what else do you need to see that he's an old man no longer at the top of his game. He needs to be as far from the White House as possible.

Laura said...

I did appreciate how NPR actually pointed out he insisted on going, despite the fact that wasn't on the relevant committee, wasn't a part of the negotiations, then didn't actually say anything in the meeting he insisted upon. Priceless.

I'd say he meant to scuttle the talks, but at this point, I doubt he even knows what he wants to accomplish. I think he mainly wants to be the center of attention. He's a dude best served by celebrity. He'd have saved us all a lot of hassle if he'd just gone to Hollywood instead and done the Fred Thompson route.