Monday, September 29, 2008

Heroes, Vision Quest

My verdict: a snooze. I think you guys have planted the seeds of doubt, because now I'm rolling my eyes at the Byzantine plot twists and contradictions, when once I used to just let it flow. I feel somewhat bereft. I hope it comes back.

1. Another guy who paints the future?
2. This isn't a query, but I said, in unison and with the exact same inflection (you know what I'm talking about if you saw it): "I made you." That's never a good sign of your show's suspense bona fides.
3. Again, not a query, but I remember that it's somewhat irritating that there are so many characters to be juggled that there are storylines you don't get back to for weeks at a time. That's a drag.
4. Evil Claire?
5. Why do we care about Parkman?


Toby said...

I admit, not the most compelling episode. The Mohinder plotline is one of the more intriguing ones, so it seems strange that we got stuck with Claire's "boo-hoo, I want revenge" storyline; Parkman's ridiculous "spirit walk"--dude, put on some sunscreen; and the "now we can kill off Ali Larter each season and still be able to bring her back on the show!" storyline--don't get me started on this one. I can see the writers sitting around. Okay, okay, she has multiple personalities...but get this, what if she has multiple she's a clone of some kind. And each with a different power...How awesome would that be? Actually, it's pretty lame. Even Hiro and Ando's Abbott & Costello routine is a bit annoying.

I still like it despite its deficiencies. Sylar remains perhaps the most compelling character on the show. I'm still not convinced he's truly Mama Petrelli's son, though I leave the possibility there. And that storyline carried perhaps the whole episode.

Laura said...

I know, Claire's back in petulant teenager territory. And Buffy's already done the "going to the dark side, motivated by revenge" storyline, only better.

I picture the Ali Larter story writing as follows: "we LOVE her. How do we keep bringing her back?" She's a clone!

I do like Sylar. He so wants to be good! But he can't because he must have the brains!

Toby said...

I forgot to ask if you are watching Fringe. I'm kind of digging it so far. Yes, it is basically X-Files updated to reflect the times we live in, but I think that's why I like it.

Laura said...

I haven't watched Fringe. Isn't it JJ Abrams? I feel overextended on my television commitments.

What day is it?

erik said...

the hiro and ando storyline is really a failure. why, with everything that hiro has gone through and with the ability that he has is he still being written as some cuddly clown? remember way back in season 1 when we had a glimpse of a future, badass hiro (complete with slicked back hair and a soul patch)? it's high time they broke out that model.

i still don't understand how sylar went from being a killing machine to being a mama's boy, but i'm intrigued.

kmy captcha word is "gbtaah," which is, i imagine, what dr. zimmerman will shout when he pulls aside an unassuming curtain in his house to reveal a small army of nikki clones to tracy strauss. and rest assured, they will all be wearing sexy maid outfits.

Laura said...

I concur that it's offensive that Hiro and Ando are back to comic relief. The assumption we got was that his character would develop and become more important/badass.

I think Sylar always has the undercurrent of mama's boy. It's part of what makes him lovable.

I just caught a few snippets of Vincent Price in The Tingler on Svengooli ( and I'm picturing something like that for the Dr. Zimmerman storyline. Acid trip!

Toby said...

Yes, it is JJ Abrams and it's on Tuesday nights. I realize it might be impossible to add on another hour, but it's pretty good (even with the JJ Abrams tics) if you have any time to squeeze it in.

Laura said...

Ah, Tuesdays I have my class. No DVR (or cable or satellite, for that matter) plus no working VCR means time shifting is not an option.

Maybe I'll catch it on reruns in the spring.