Sunday, September 28, 2008

Okay, That Was Really Weird.

At 9:30 this very evening, my doorbell rang, fiercely. At my door was my next-door neighbor kids (I think, it was dark, hair was styled differently, boy child was wearing glasses and a ponytail), asking if I had a computer they could use.

After picturing them either sitting in the living room with the laptop or picking through the mess in my spare room to use the desktop one, I told them sorry. I smell! I haven't showered! I'm watching Frasier reruns! I don't want teenagers I barely know surfing the web on my couch.

It was exceedingly odd, and I feel like a curmudgeon to boot, because who doesn't have a computer?


Toby said...

So far, my next door neighbor, of the house in the Hamptons, Bentley convertible, and who knows how much more has borrowed: some lemon juice, jelly, maple syrup, and...oh, yeah, she had me run to the pharmacy at 11:30 pm (far enough to require a cab ride) to get medicine for her sick son one Friday night. Not the computer, though.

Laura said...

You're a better man than me. If I come home to find my yard toilet papered, I'll know why.

I need to send my niece out as a goodwill ambassador. She's got much better relations with the people on my street than I do.

erik said...

that's a bizarre request. you did right by refusing.
my strangest neighbor request was from a woman who lived across the hall in my old apartment bldg. one evening around halloween we could hear a lot of noise through the walls; she was obviously having a party. close to midnight there's a knock on our door. she's standing there in some medieval princess costume, and she wants us to take her picture of her in said costume, in her apartment. mind you we've never spoken to this woman before this. shortly after that she complained to our landlord that we were noisy.