Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh My God, Heroes Season Premiere Is Tonight! Squeee!

I had no idea, which tells you how much I've had the tv on. It's been such a long, hard slog since the writer's strike, I barely remember how it ended, although I believe I was distraught over the fate of Nathan. Also, I recall that Peter needed to stop being stupid and that the Irish girl needed to be permanently lost in the future.

Queue it up, people. I'm going to need to hash this out later.

AFTER VIEWING: Whoa. That was awesome x 2.


Toby said...

I only saw the first of the two episodes, so I'll have to limit it to that.

1) Sylar--I like the brains discussion, as I had always been a firm believer that he ate them, as well. But, why was a dog leash tied around the flimsiest set of doors known to man too much for Sylar to figure out? He could have used his telekinesis to unwrap the leash or to rip the door from the hinges, so what gives?

2) Peter/Evil Peter--history has changed, yet future Peter still has the same scar across his face? I don't get it. And if the dude in lock up in Texas is the real Peter, is it just his mind inside the other man's body? If so, where's his? If not, and it's him with an illusion in place making him look like someone else, wouldn't he have his powers?

3) Suresh--Tired of being on the outside looking in, hmm? So sad. Luckily his blood chemistry gave him a cool power, rather than something lame, like having your eyes fill with black when you get angry and kill people you don't mean to kill.

4. Matt--Is he actually in the desert or trapped in his own mind like in Season 2?

5. Claire--Hiding in a closet? That's the best you can do?

6. Hiro--Now you have your quest. Track down the fast girl in the track suit. And about that. If she moves as fast as claimed, she would have ripped through that formula-holding piece of paper like a bullet, rather than run off with it. And if Suresh has developed the same thing anyway, what does the formula matter? Or is it for something different?

6. Ando--For shame, betraying Hiro in the future like that.

7. Kim/Kelly/Tina/Nikki/whatever--How many split personalities do you have stashed around?

So, those are my comments on the first hour. I hope to have the second one wrapped up tonight, but my plate is awfully full: Entourage, True Blood, Connor Chronicles, Heroes, Fringe, The Office, 30 Rock, oh, and taking care of an 8 week old on occasion. This double hour is killing me this week!

Laura said...

Dude. Watch the second episode. Forthwith, asap, chop chop. There is *much* we have to discuss/express amazement over. I'm still on the adrenaline rush.

1. Man, I do love that too, because it's a valid question. He mucks in their brain and extracts . . . what? I also am pleased at how disgusting Claire's superpower is: they can have him picking apart here brain! Tossing her scalp back on top like the lid of a pumpkin! But she's right that it's useless except as a defensive measure, hence the victim status all the time. I share her pain, because I find it irritating too.

2. Let art flow over you, don't worry your pretty little head. I'm guessing here that future Peter has more powers that we don't yet understand.

3. I *love* hotty Suresh. I'd totally have done the same if I were him, damn the consequences. RE: coolness of power--watch next ep.

4. Ah, Parkman. Does it matter? Do we care where he is?

5. See above re: Claire's victim status. I thought that was lame, too. I think Sylar was just enjoying the anticipation, playing with his food.

6. Hiro. I think we don't know what the formula is. Also, see next ep.
I think with Peter in the wrong body, that raises questions whether future Ando is really Ando.

7. Yeah, I'm disappointed not to have an Ali Larter-free season. I had my hopes up.

Laura said...

Further thoughts. I would like to find the petition to get rid of Maya, in addition to Niki/Jessica/whatever the hell her name is now.

Also, are there any women on the show, apart from Maya and Angela Petrelli, who aren't blond?

Laura said...

Okay, last thought. I'm not sure how I feel about a future in which we all wear black and/or leather.

erik said...

i caught up, and i watched last night, so i'll throw my two cents in:

1) i don't think he extracts anything--he's just figuring out how his victim's power works in the brain, and is then able to replicate those findings in his own brain (he's a watch repair guy, remember?)

2) peter's story is getting kind of messy. although i enjoye the unintentional humor of the chubby latino guy yelling "i'm peter petrelli! i'm peter petrelli!"

3) suresh's character is also a mess; has been since he shot noah, in my opinion.

4) matt is in africa. the african guy who found him said so.

6)i agree with laura; it's probably something different. also, my guess is that that's probably not ando.

7) and, um, since when does she have a freezing ability?

Laura said...

Niki/Jessica/et al. freezing ability: did you notice how surprised she looked when that happened? Also, she froze him after he called her an ice queen.

I cannot for the life of me remember her storyline from last season, though. Wasn't she dead or about to be? At the company for a cure that didn't happen? Maybe she got an erase and reset--new alter ego or mutation of her powers.

erik said...

you know, i didn't see the last 2 episodes of season 2, so i didn't know nikki died. i like toby's explanation in the hamlet thread. it seems like it could dovetail with this whole multiple peter thing that's going on.

of course, the best example of a multiple superhero is multiple santa from the tick.

Laura said...

Oh, god!!! I love the Tick. Love it. I may have to go find some clips.

This mustache is touching my brain!