Friday, September 26, 2008

Is It Possible for a Person to Be a Preening Toad?

I waffle on this, but it's my perception that McCain is indeed an amphibian who preens.

I'm obviously not impartial, but I thought that Obama did well by staying focused and calm. He also did a great job of distilling his points to the simplest takeaway message, particularly when he was rebutting a misrepresentation. I seem to be in the minority, but I thought his "agreeing" with McCain was a nice touch that made him seem statesmanlike and, dare I say, presidential? I like that cordiality before the twisting of the knife, though. Also, McCain was single-minded: pork! waste and fraud! Surge surge surge! I know lots of leaders, listen to me pronounce their names! I guess if you're scoring on consistency or "themes," he would get points, but that's a metric that I don't personally subscribe to. I realize I'm not your swing voter, though.

Now we'll spend the next week or so waiting for the conventional wisdom to gel: who was sighing, who was checking their watch, who had the best sound byte, etc.

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