Monday, September 8, 2008

Please Let This Be Ephemeral . . . Please Let This Be Ephemeral

McCain got a big convention bounce in the polls.

I admit, I'm kind of stunned he got this kind of response, being as he is an uncharismatic speaker with nothing to offer in the way of solutions, who apparently chose his running mate--a right-wing, abortion-opposing Christian who touts her foreign policy cred by explaining Alaska's proximity to Russia and her administrative skills by citing her work on the PTA--with all the care and deliberation I might apply to choosing my socks for the day. Or probably less, since I put a lot of thought into my fashion impact, plus I just really like socks.

I want to think we don't have the collective memory and intellectual capacity of goldfish, but perhaps you really can't underestimate people's willingness to be manipulated. We have after all been conditioned for forty years to choose leaders based on whether he or she is a sneech with stars on thars versus being one of those sneeches who are insufficiently patriotic and thus look down their noses at the god-fearing sneeches who wear their stars with pride.

What is incompetence, outlawing of abortion, fiscal meltdown, economic misery, and eight years of mismanagement and corruption and someone who promises you more of the same? The important metric here is whether he was a brave POW. And let's not forget that the other guy is somehow . . . untrustworthy. Up is down, black is white, Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

I'm going to curl up in a corner somewhere, fetal-like. Later I will possibly scout locations--what did we say, Canada? Australia?--for the family compound.

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