Wednesday, September 24, 2008

When I Get All Cranky and Down on the Writing

Remind me that I had a good class last night, okay?

We finally started reading student work in class, and my own smashing postmodern parody of a satire was one of the first ones chosen. The idea on the process is that you get feedback (are people dozing off? do they look rapt?) and also become familiar with each person's style and voice--by the end of the semester, it gets pretty easy to identify people's work.

So after selections of mine were read, and we had to guess the writer, there was a baffled silence. One girl guessed me because, "the best stuff usually comes from the quiet ones in class." Aww. Then, when we were discussing all the works we read and the things that worked in them, two kids sitting next to me piped up to sincerely extoll the virtues about how I handled the details and moved things along. It was, in short, awesomely bolstering of the ego, which you need every now and then in addition to the constructive criticism.

I'm definitely a bigger fish in this pond, which completely mystifies me after my last class and the one I took as an undergrad. So I'm pretty glad I took off the hairshirt and stuck it out for the next round.

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