Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Convention Observations

1. Who the hell is programming the music for this thing? You've got your disco, you've got your Deval Patrick coming out to Santana's "Smooth." What does it mean??

2. Could David Brooks be a bigger dipwad? Seriously, following Lilly Ledbedder's very good speech about gender-pay inequality, Jim Lehrer (this is on PBS) waxed nostalgic about his early news days and how his newsroom discovered that the women reporters made half what the men did. Brooks, in self-important fashion and implying that Lehrer's experience was a relic of another era with no relevance for today, blabbered about how Ledbedder was "one testimony" and something about how he works with many women editors and writers. Cool! I find that so reassuring, and I will make certain to hop in that time machine to tell my past self that that pay disparity between me and the dudes who hired on after me at the law firm? Sooooo, last century, don't worry about it. Bobo says it's so, and he would know, being a paid white-guy Republican flack. Idiot.

3. Michelle Obama is all kinds of awesome. They just featured an interview with her (again on PBS). I must go view her speech now. It's really ridiculous that she has to prove she doesn't hate America.

4. Oh, god. The PBS historian panel. Save me. I want to see Clinton's speech, but not badly enough to listen to these gasbags. I think I need to mute and crank up the music.

5. Doesn't it seem like it would be somewhat of a bummer to be a delegate and have to sit through all of these speeches? Don't they go on all day long? And aren't you supposed to be all energetic and cheering, yay team, and that sort of thing?

6. I think a drinking game should commence from how many times we (meaning the media) mention the "split" in the Democratic party and Obama's need to "woo" the Clinton supporters.

7. Honestly, I may not have supported her for various reasons, but I really do like Hillary Clinton. Hey! She just pointed out that today marks the anniversary of the passage of the nineteenth amendment. Woo! She's tearing the house down.

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