Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm Thinking of Ordering This for the Library Collection

Freedom Songs: Building America's Empowerment Agenda.

Nobody speaks to the lives of today's youth quite like Teddy Roosevelt, wouldn't you say? After experiencing the album art alone, I'm absolutely dying to hear the wealth of creativity no doubt represented in the music itself (opus???). And they say Democrats have the corner on the creative capital.

As someone who does some typesetting, though, I do have to admire this bit of type design in the liner notes:

These are people who are not afraid of a little bit of text effect. It's like the Fourth of July.


erik said...

if you actually get a copy of this, please do post snippets. one of the gems in my collection is the official bush/cheney campaign song (somebody put it on a mix for me).

Laura said...

Well, shit, you can't throw something like that out there and not expect to share.

I didn't realize they had an official campaign song. I thought the custom was to rip off crappy power ballads.

erik said...

they just wrote a brand spankin new crappy power ballad to go with their crappy lyrics. i will dig up that mix this weekend and email you the best bits.