Friday, August 1, 2008

Iggy's Bored, I'm Tired

Happy Lollapalooza, munchkins. I'm not going, but for my cousin and her entourage, it will be like Woodstock.

1. take it back, she & him
2. for lovers only, southern culture on the skids
3. dashboard, modest mouse
4. auf achse, franz ferdinand
5. pisshole in the snow, pernice brothers
6. in the time of the machine, the redwalls
7. johnny thunder, the kinks
8. i'm bored, iggy pop
9. slide--(slidin' the blues) (take 1), the stooges
10. the prayer, bloc party


erik said...

i've got yer goddamn ten random right here:

1. myxamatosis -- radiohead
2. mississippi goddamn -- nina simone
3. muck -- dinosaur jr.
4. (oh) god -- the most serene republic
5. climbing spiral stairs -- goddamn electric bill
6. freddie freeloader -- miles davis
7. como se goza en el barrio -- marc ribot y los cubanos postizos
8. yele -- wyclef jean
9. smoke like ribbons -- ugly cassanova
10. ua ua rai rai -- ua

enjoy your lollapalooza-boycotting weekend!

Laura said...

Right back at you, though your boycotting carries less weight than mine. As an aside, glad to see you've not been injured via earthquake.

It has been entertaining today watching the people all flocking in, though. What do you suppose the Krishnas are doing?

Good gesture to Radiohead, who's playing tonight.

erik said...

the krishnas are obviously there to see chromeo.
i'll be seeing radiohead here in LA in a few weeks!
speaking of summer festival weirdness, our local hipster kid neighborhood, silverlake, has an annual street fair. this year the headlining musical act is broken social scene. is it just me, or is that the most well-known act ever to rock out between the kid's face-painting station and a corndog stand?


Laura said...

Wow, that's pretty huge guns for a neighborhood fest. I think that was the venue Spinal Tap skipped after the puppet show but before the air force hangar. Possibly they're paying off parking tickets?

You crazy kids and your "radiohead" and your "rock and roll" music. It's all racket, I say.