Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Still Baffled.

I get these Clinton dead-enders, who are either crazy or Republican plants trying to stir up trouble.

The ones I don't get, though, are the usually sane and politically intelligent people whose largish blogs I read from time to time and who happened to support Clinton and who, um, are still supporting Clinton (like, as of today) and are arguing with "Obama supporters" about each candidate's merits and demerits. It's like they're still shopping around, aren't enthralled by Obama, and don't want to be pressured by pushy and threatening Obama partisans ("McCain will appoint Supreme Court justices who will destroy Roe!").

This would be well and good if it were March. But given that the race is over (I mean, really over, as of about an hour ago), it has the surreal feeling of arguing with your best friend about who would be the most awesome celebrity boyfriend. If you're a Democrat or at least subscribe to what they generally stand for, the choice has been made for you. You may not be pleased about the choice made (Dean 2004! Bradley 2000! Gore 1992! You see what I record I have for picking winners), but that's the way it works.

There are two options on the table, your Democratic flavor, and your Republican flavor. Pick one, pick the other, sit it out, vote third party, but if you care for the issues supported by the Democratic party, suck it up and vote for the guy representing them. If the Clintons can do it (the Big Dog is doing it right now), so can you.


Toby said...


erik said...

seriously. how do you go from hillary to mcCain? that's like wanting a chocolate chip cookie, but the bakery only has chocolate chip cookies with walnuts, so instead you eat bear claws you fished out of their dumpster.

Toby said...

I just wanted to say that I could not let the Seinfeld reference pass unnoticed.

Laura said...

Damn. I totally missed that.

Laura said...

Okay, I just really need to stop reading these people, because otherwise I'm going to start banging my head against a table. Who are they, and what country are they living in that any candidate, let alone Ms. DLC, "wife of the triangulator" Hillary Clinton herself, could be the great progressive hope? Somebody who's not me needs to get caught up with history and read themselves some Nixonland.

Honestly, here's what you do. Your person loses. You're right, the voters at large are wrong, it's a crashing disaster in the making. You're Cassandra! You get a drink or several. You mope and snarl for a while. Eventually, grudgingly, you get on the bus and reserve the right to feel morally superior when the idiot that everyone else voted for loses/turns into Jimmy Carter.

But I'm ranting. Because these speeches are going on forever.