Friday, August 22, 2008

On Pins and Needles, Waiting for the VP Announcement!

I only hope that McCain chooses Mittens.

Random selection of music from the ipod to mark this Friday:
1. still doin' time, george jones
2. the skin of my yellow country teeth, clap your hands say yeah
3. let me dream if i want to (amphetamine blues), mink deville
4. good to your earhole, funkadelic
5. goodbye service, sons & daughters
6. tender, blur
7. i wanna live, the ramones
8. subject drop, pernice brothers (one of those songs I meant to purge)
9. away from the numbers, the jam
10. split lips, sons & daughters

And if, like me and John McCain, you need a little assistance with the math on how many houses he owns, Feist helps you out:

LATER: This just gets better and better. Robin Leach (he of champagne wishes and caviar dreams) calls on his expertise in lavish homes to defend McCain:

In an early morning phone call Friday from his fabulous crib in Las Vegas, Leach told The Times that he isn’t really surprised at McCain's odd memory lapse given the complex lives that the super-rich lead.

"He probably was confused as to which homes are in his name, his wife's name, or corporate names," Leach explained in his familiar, deep British baritone. "In his attempt to be honest, he put his foot in his mouth."

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