Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's Been One of Those Weeks

See how long my hair is getting? See how I've lost my winter pallor?

I believe my editor is going crazy and may self-destruct upon contemplating another typo. Meanwhile, I had a preliminary meeting with a career counselor. Yay, me! Is it bad, do you suppose, that she wants to conduct everything by telephone? For $100/hour, I'm kind of hoping for verification that she's not doing the crossword on the other end.

Nonetheless, tomorrow is happy hour. Color me pleased about that.


Toby said...

Plus, you are wearing red! Good luck with the career counselor.

Laura said...

Thanks. I'm calling another coach who has an MSW, an actual option for office visits, and evening hours. I liked what the first one outlined for the services, but I didn't like the inflexibility of the arrangement (I was also squicked by no "office" address, blocked cellphone caller ID, and "at the end of a session, I give you an address to send a check").

We'll see.

Red = color of rage! I kid. Today is more of a brown day.