Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hmmmmmm, Biden

Good on foreign policy, sometimes says stupid things. He will not rally the Clintonistas, he will not bring a swing state, but I think he's overall solid, if unexciting.

A dude I used to know a gazillion years ago worked for him, so he must be pleased and wondering if he can get on this crazy train to world power.

LATER: I really like to hear stuff like this:
But what has impressed me most, for years, is [Biden's] staff. He knows how to pick ‘em, and that’s no small thing. Brilliant people come and go in DC, but rarely do they also have the ability to pick quality staff the way Biden does. His folks always are among the brightest from a policy standpoint, but also possess a sophisticated political acumen. It’s a rare but valuable combination.

Looks like Biden and Obama share a certain philosophy about the way they assemble their teams and tackle problems. I like the long-term thinking that this shows on Obama's part. Instead of going with someone who could theoretically help him with an electoral boost (or not. Is there solid proof that this actually works?), he chooses someone who can govern thoughtfully and competently.

Plus, I'm hoping he slaps McCain down in this manner:

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