Friday, August 8, 2008

Once Again Piping Soothing Tunes Through the Computer Speakers

It's the little things. Like, spending a successful day troubleshooting iTunes on Hal so as to allow iPod tunes to flow freely. I am pleased.

1. drivin', the kinks
2. smells like teen spirit, nirvana
3. outro with bees, neko case
4. cynical days, xtc
5. silently, blonde redhead
6. danger signs, penetration
7. you are invited, dismemberment plan
8. newtown, the slits
9. nails, stanley ross
10. grow grow grom, p. j. harvey

Next challenge, ensuring the random music isn't such a snoozing representation of my collection circa 2006.

1 comment:

erik said...

my list is truly random this week:

1. town with no cheer -- tom waits
2. fresh -- daft punk
3. figure eights -- buddy rich and max roach
4. do not go gentle into that goodnight -- john cale
5. old to begin -- pavement
6. tamil music (bambi) -- haji meatchibana
7. made in cuba, part 2 -- up, bustle, and out
8. a little max (alternate take) -- duke ellington, charles mingus, and max raoch
9. fragments of fear -- delerium
10. black dog -- robert plant (yes, he's doing a cover of his own song, and it's a pretty awesome cover)